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Fanfic Links

Aimee’s Recommendations: My favorite recommendations site. She generally recs Sentinel, X-files, due South, and a few other fandoms.

Minotaur’s Sex Tips for Slash Writers: An invaluable resource for anyone who wants to make those m/m sex scenes believable.

The Slash Database Project: Another site minotaur runs. It’s a very good way to find slash websites of all shapes, sizes, and inclinations. mailing lists: Squidge is a server that hosts a lot of slash sites, as well as a lot of slash mailing lists. You name a TV show or movie, it's probably there.

8-bit Theater: Ok, I don't read online comics. In general, I find them inane, and, at best, vaugly uninteresting. However, this comic, based on the original Final Fantasy Nintendo game and using screen caps from the game, is pure genius, even if you haven't played the game. Go to this site. Read these comics. Laugh your butt off. Trust me.

Random Generators Page: This page contains tons of random generators that can do things from help name characters to outline a plot. It's an awesome resource. It's more aimed at role-playing game construction, but it works for fiction too.

Henry Jenkin's Page: This page has a neat collection of letters from a letterzine from around the early to mid nineties that basically is a fascinating look at some reasons why we like slash. It's a cool page with a large selection of viewpoints, most of which are quite thought provoking. If you're interested in hearing more, Jenkins has written a book, Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Particapatory Culture, which has a very good chapter on slash. Another good book is Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth, by Camille Bacon-Smith, which does, I think, a very good job of laying out the culture of fandom and fanfic writing.

The Fanfic Symposium: This page is a collection of neat essays on fanfic. Writing, reading... fanfic culture. You name it, it's here. It also has sections for essays on individual fandoms. All in all, a very nifty site.

The Sentinel

852 Prospect: The most amazing and wonderful thing I have found on the internet thus far. An almost bottomless source of Sentinel slash. Heaven, in other words...

Star Fox’s Mansion: An excellent source of Sentinel information, including a huge gallery of Screen Caps from every episode, and an archive of sound files.

Becky’s Sentinel Transcripts: Transcripts for all four seasons of the Sentinel

The Sentinel Slash Virtual Season: If you like slash with more than a little plot and continuity thrown in, this is the place for you. So far, the SVS is on it’s second season.

K9’s Kennel: Lovely Sentinel artwork by K9 and fanfic by several authors including Alyjude! :-)

Partners R More: Excellent Sentinel slash art by Suzan Lovett.

Sentinel Bloopers: This site has several slashy clips from the Sentinel blooper reels. Great fun for any slasher. Also, check out the main site, which has cool things like the Loft floorplans!

Quechua Language Site: This is a nifty site. It's all about Quechua, the language spoken by the Chopec, the tribe Jim lived with in Peru. Nice source to make your fanfic sound authentic.

Born to Bottom: A collection of great stories which all feature Jim in his proper place... on the bottom. There aren't nearly enough... Hear that, authors? Write more!!!

A Good Read: A story recs page. They recommended my story here! Yippee! Oh, and they also recommended a bunch of other stories. It's a nice collection if you're looking for new stories, or looking to reread some old favorites.

Feet On The Ground: Has Sentinel desktop icons (for Mac! Yay!). Very neat.

Loft Pics: Pictures from some lucky fan's visit to the set. Very cool, up close shots of various places in the loft and around Cascade. Look around. I've been told you can find Blair's glasses case up in Jim's loft bedroom. Suspicious, no?

Elegy's Site: Home of the best, hottest, most awesome J/B photomanip ever. Well. In my opinion anyway. This is the photomanip we all wish we'd made... oh. except maybe this one, which is also at that site.

Jurassic Park III

JP3 archive: As I mentioned on my recommendations page, this is a great fandom. Lovely chemistry between the characters, and some excellent authors contributed stories to the archive. If you’ve seen the movie, check it out. What do you have to lose? :-)

JP3 mailing list: A list for anyone who thinks it's painfully obvious that Alan Grant and Billy Brennan are madly in love. The list has found a spark of new life recently, so now's the time to join!

Star Trek: Voyager

PK Elite: The first slash mailing list I joined. The list is intended to be safe for minors and adults alike.

The Paris/Kim Slash Party: Another great source of P/K.

P/K All the Way: Leigh's site, includes all sorts of cool P/K stuff, including a great reference source and P/K art.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Wish I Could Stay: Giles fanfic, writer's resources, interesting essays about Giles-y topics. Very helpful site. Het! This site has fanart, and a really, really extensive collection of Buffy/Giles fanfic.

Once More With Feeling: Het! Beautiful fanart (mostly Buffy/Giles manips), extensive useful links, and good fanfic! Lots of nice Giles pictures, too. Plus, it's just a really pretty website.

Versaphile Buffy Recs: Wow, this site is amazing. Tons of recs, for all different pairings. Easy to search through, great source for getting to the good stuff fast.

Of Demons and Destiny: Lots of Giles fic. All varieties of Giles fic. Is anyone noticing a trend in my linkage here?

Blast Furnace: Het! (mostly) A. Manley Haight's website, just because I love her fic so much, and she has some interesting essays here.

Buffy Episode Guide: A quick and easy episode guide. Plus, this site has the original airdate for each episode, which is really useful for a show like Buffy that operates in near real-time.

Psyche: Transcripts and Fanfiction: Complete transcripts for all the Buffy episodes. Except it's not here... I hope it comes back some day.

Sweet Addiction: An absolutely hilareous song vid... not about a pairing, per se... it's all about us, the Giles fans of the world. A teasing take on our 'addiction.' It's under the section called 'hosted.' Actually, all Giles Fan's vids at this site are imminently watchable. :) Especially 'Underneath Your Clothes'...

Koala's Song Vids: Het! More song vids, mostly Buffy/Giles. I highly recommend 'This Kiss,' which is both funny and poignant. I practically fell out of my chair during the part about what Cinderella said to Snow White (watch it and you'll understand...)

Unconventional RelationShipper's Fanfic Archive: It takes some digging, since the stories aren't arranged by pairing, but there's some good stuff on this archive, for a wide variety of pairings.

Boils and Blinding Torment: A gloriously funny site with all sorts of funny reviews of Buffy episodes and a healthy ability to NOT take the show we all love any more seriously than it is intended to be. I spent HOURS here... um, and yes, I do have no life. Thank you.

Tangled Synthesis: Heartbreakingly beautiful Buffy art. Just... just stunning. Amazing. Enough to make this casual manipper prostrate myself before this site in supplication... I mean, damn, this stuff is gorgeous.

My Other Sites

Trekker's Place: My general fanfiction site. Star Trek: Voyager fanfic as well as a few links, my poetry, and my original fiction.

Trekker's Gallery: A site with a collection of some of my favorite images I made using the three-D drawing program Bryce 4.

Panther Pics: A large collection of panther pictures I collected from around the web. Good stuff for Jim fans. :-)

JP3 Screen Caps: Some slashy screencaps from Jurassic Park III.